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Partial and Full Dentures in Colonia, NJ

Are you missing your teeth and gums? Have you been trying to find a way to fill in those gaps? Partial or full dentures might be a great option for you.

Dentures are crafted to replace your missing teeth and gums. Many similar options are not removable. This is one reason that people choose dentures over other tooth replacement options.

If you’re interested in partial & full dentures near you, visit Dr. Kavita Patel at our dental office. Our denture dentist will help you decide whether dentures are a good fit and can also recommend other options.

Who Should Get Dentures?

Dentures can replace a single tooth or a full mouth of teeth. If you have only recently lost your teeth or had them extracted, your gums will need to fully heal prior to getting dentures.

Partial Dentures vs. Full Dentures

There are two types of dentures you can choose from. Our Colonia dentist can help you to find the one that best works with your situation.

Full dentures are a full set of false teeth. If you get full dentures, all your teeth need to be removed. They may be made from plastic or acrylic.

Partial dentures are prosthetic teeth that fit in with the stronger surrounding teeth. There may be one or multiple false teeth that are attached to a plate.

Caring for Dentures

When you care for your dentures properly, they can stay in great shape. Be sure to talk to our local dentist to learn how to best care for your dentures. Always handle your dentures with care so they don’t break.

When you are finished eating, you should always rinse your dentures with water. This will remove any leftover particles. Be sure to clean your mouth when you remove your dentures too. A soft toothbrush is recommended for your gums and tongue.

Dentures need to be brushed daily with a gentle toothbrush and denture cleaner. They should be soaked nightly in water or denture-soaking solution. Then, rinse them before using them again.

If you’re looking for partial and full dentures in Colonia, NJ, our best dentist for dentures offers both options. Call Dr. Kavita Patel at Kavita Patel, DDS, to schedule an appointment.

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I had my first appointment this past Saturday and everyone was so nice and professional. Dr. Patel was very thorough and explained every step of what she was going to do. Looking forward to see them for the new year for my next appt in Jan :)

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