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Colonia Orthodontics

Straightforward Treatment to Straighter Teeth

Dr. Kavita Patel has been providing orthodontic therapy to patients of all ages for several years. As cosmetic “invisible” braces have become more widely available, so have our treatment options. Our primary goal is to ensure that each adult or teen undergoing orthodontic therapy with us will have straighter teeth in a way that allows their treatment to go unnoticed by their peers. We’re proud of the smiles that we help create, and our patients are proud to show them off! Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just improve the way a smile looks, it boosts self-esteem, and helps keep teeth free of cavities and gum disease because they are easier to keep clean.

Our invisible braces are removable, which allows people to eat what they want, and makes regular oral hygiene care simple to perform each day.

Colonia Invisalign

The original “invisible” braces, Invisalign provides comprehensive alignment treatment for teeth across the entire mouth. This corrects bite, function, and appearance. Each set of aligners is sent home with our patients ahead of time, reducing the number of appointments needed for the completion of the treatment.

Colonia SmartMoves

SmartMoves braces use a combination of hard and soft alignment trays to move the teeth. This helps treatment be more comfortable during the later retention stages or when very minor tooth movement is needed. They are best used for our patients that have very minimal tooth movement needs, and the treatment is completed much quicker than traditional alignment style braces.

Minor Tooth Movement Treatment Colonia

We are also a certified provider of MTM: Minor Tooth Movement treatments. These types of aligners are perfect for very small amounts of tooth misalignment needs, such as when just a few front teeth need minor correction.