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Colonia Implant Dentistry

Precise, Coordinated Implant Therapy that Leaves You Smiling

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The journey through dental implant therapy is an extremely rewarding one. The path that is taken is greatly determined by each of our patient’s personal expectations, budget, and treatment goals. Dr. Patel guides each person she treats throughout the entire process, so that there are no surprises! We work very closely with a skilled implant surgeon, so patients can have their placements conducted by an implant specialist and their fixed appliances designed by Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel performs several types of restorations including:

Colonia Retained Implant Bridges

Bridges are a three or four tooth restoration that replaces several missing teeth at once; but stays in place permanently. The benefit to an implant bridge over a traditional bridge is that it can replace up to four teeth in one treatment, instead of being restricted to two. An implant root is placed at each end of the open space, and then the permanent bridge is attached to the abutments, spanning across the entire open space with replacement porcelain teeth.

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Fixed Implant-Retained Dentures

Do you need dentures, but don’t want the larger removable prosthesis that is involved? Dentures can also be designed so that they are permanently fixed in place onto implants. In fact, they don’t look much like a denture at all. These hybrid restorations use locator attachment and CAD/CAM imaging to mount the arched-shape denture directly onto the titanium abutments. It frees up the areas that are normally covered with an acrylic prosthesis, and makes them much easier to wear and become accustomed to.

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