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Do I Have Bruxism?
added on: March 25, 2019
man grinding teeth

Bruxism is just a medical term for grinding or clenching your teeth, usually while you’re asleep. That’s what makes teeth grinding hazardous to your oral and overall health, because there’s a good chance you don’t even know you’re doing it! Our dental office in Colonia is here to help you… Read More…

What Exactly is Occlusion?
added on: July 6, 2017
woman and dentist examining x-ray

At our dental office in Colonia, we’re often asked what certain technical dental terms mean, and we’re always happy to explain them. Which brings us to the topic of the day: Occlusion. What is occlusion? What are we looking at when we talk about it? Why does it matter? We’re… Read More…

“Why Does My Jaw Get Stuck Sometimes?”
added on: September 19, 2016
jaw locking

You’re feeling tired, and you know a yawn is working its way out. As your mouth opens involuntarily and the yawn escapes, you wait for your jaw to slowly close shut. But it doesn’t. It’s stuck. It’s scary. It’s painful. At my Colonia dental office, we know just how terrifying… Read More…

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